2022 Mountain Bike For Women Festival

2022 Mountain Bike For Women Festival

On June 11

Mountain Bike For Women Festival


The Festival is YOUR day and there are many things to enjoy!


Please choose ONE of the 90 minute skills clinics to attend.  Many previous participants found that taking two 90 minute clinics was a wee bit taxing so we encourage folks to instead try the various self selected maintenance classes, massage therapists & nutritionist in the Self-Care station, as well as the merchants, non-profits, and artisans in our Vendor Village.  It’ll be a FULL day.


Beginner Clinics:

Straight line riding – This clinic is for you if: You want to start with the basics. We’ll work on: Good positioning on the bike so that you feel stable and in control.


Descending and braking – This clinic is for you if: You want to have more fun riding down hill. We”ll work on: Descending with control at a variety of speeds. How to use your brakes effectively in all kinds of terrain.


Intermediate Clinics:

Technical Riding – This clinic is for you if: You want to flow over chunky, rooty and rolling terrain. We’ll work on: Riding with control over obstacles, uphill and downhill. Trail scanning and line choice for the smoothest ride.


Cornering at speed – This clinic is for you if: You want to gain speed on corners and ride the berms. We’ll work on: Ideal line choice to ride flat and banked corners efficiently. Riding dynamically to get free speed from banked corners.


Roll-downs – This clinic  is for you if: You’re ready for a new challenge, but want to keep your wheels on the ground. We’ll work on: Riding smoothly over bigger and steeper features like roots, rocks and step-downs. Intergrating body position , line choice and timing for flow and control.


Advanced Clinics:

Drops – This clinic  is for you if: You want to send the qualifier features on Evolution and Candy Mountain. We’ll work on: Perfecting timing and pressure to get airborne. Smoothly transitioning from drop to the next feature.


Jumps – This clinic is for you if: You dream of clearing the tabletops on Second Breakfast. We’ll work on: Choosing the right line and speed to jump and land safely. Getting comfortable in the air.


Child care offered by into the woods: More Info HERE




Where: Kincaid Stadium 

When: June 11th 2022

11am – 6pm


For more details you can visit www.alaskabikefestival.com


Have questions: arcticmountainbike@gmail.com


You may pick up to two clinics if you want an action packed day.

Skills Clinic 12:00-1:30pm
Skills Clinic 2:00-3:30pm
Skills Clinic 4:00 - 5:30pm
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