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About the Road Division:

The Road Division offers a wide range of racing events primarily hosted on city and rural streets. From individual Time Trials to pack based Road Races there are plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself. Don’t let the spandex and aero helmets intimidate you, there is a category for every level of racer, regardless of the equipment you are on. Our racing community welcomes everyone; but if you ask, most would love to explain marginal gains and why you see the equipment you see.

Note to parents

Each Adult Membership includes up to 4 children under the age of 15. Please list each child in your account page under “add child”, this is necessary for club insurance purposes. Each child will still need to be registered on-site; listing them only ensures they are covered by ABC’s insurance policy. At this time only individuals with their own membership profiles can register online for events.


Juniors 15 and over need to have their own individual Junior Membership which requires an email and password. If you’re planning on signing your child up for a Junior Membership please make sure to sign out of your account before trying to purchase another membership. The system will not let you purchase two memberships on one account.


All Juniors 17 and under race free.



Race bibles will tell you all you need to know about a race series.

Tour of Anchorage Race Bible


Online registration saves you time and makes our jobs way easier!


Day of registration will be available for most events but we encourage everyone to sign up in advance online. Time trials and events requiring base access are the two exceptions where day-of registration is not available.


  • Novice – Less than 2 years of experience racing or those riding less than 3 days per week.
  • Intermediate – More than 2 years of experience racing or those riding 3-5 days per week.
  • Open – Experienced racers or those riding 5-7 days per week.
  • Master 45+ – Those over the age of 45; this division tends to be fairly competitive.
  • Master 60+ – Those over the age of 60; this division tends to have racers with varying experience levels.
    • Note: all racers are free to self-select their category  (i.e., if a racer is 47 years old they do not have to race in the master 45+ division).


An active Arctic Bicycle Club membership is required to participate in races for insurance purposes. Money collected from membership dues goes toward improving the Arctic Bicycle Club as a whole. 


Adult Membership is for racers 18 and over. We allow up to 4 children to be listed on each adult profile as a form of family membership. The family membership is designed for families with children under the age of 15 with no email addresses yet. Children listed under an adults profile will need to register on-site as online registration is only available to those with their own profile.


Junior Membership is for racers 17 and under. We want to encourage young riders to experience the joy of cycling. That’s why all riders 17 and under with an active junior membership ride for free in any race they sign up for! Each junior must be accompanied by an adult at each event.


You will receive a cloth race number at your first event that is pinned to the right side of your body and used for the remainder of the season..  At check- in for each event you will receive a corresponding seat post timing tag that you strap to your seat post. Make sure your race number and timing tag are clearly visible to ensure an accurate time . We ask that you return the seat post tag at the end of each event to ensure it is available at the next event. If you lose your cloth bib number please inform the race director at check in.


We want to encourage young riders to experience the joy of cycling. That’s why all riders 17 and under with an active junior membership ride for free in any race they sign up for!



Racers are separated by 30 second intervals and drafting is not allowed. Most people start their road racing career at a time trial. Time trials tend to be the best introduction to road racing as pack riding is not involved, it’s just the individual racers against the clock. 


Referring to surface rather than format, gravel races take place on unpaved roads. Gravel is a catch-all term for unpaved surfaces, which may include gravel, dirt, mud, and packed sand. Riders can also expect short(er) stretches of pavement connecting long(er) stretches of gravel. Most gravel events are medium to long distance (40-100 miles, sometimes more) group-start races. Drafting is allowed as in road racing, but average speeds tend to fall below 20 mph owing to the rough surface. Any bike is allowed, but most racers will prefer a cyclocross or gravel-specific bike with clearance for treaded tires in the 33mm-44mm range. Tire choice will depend on the nature and mixture of surfaces encountered.


Racers leave as a group (known in cycling as a peloton) by division and complete a set number of laps or distance. Road races tend to be longer in nature (1-3 hours) and require racers to work together in order to break away from the peloton. Drafting is allowed. 


Racers leave in a group, but gravity is your true competition. Drafting is allowed.


Medium distance, timed races similar to a road race. Think of a circuit race as somewhere in between a crit and a road race. Drafting is allowed.


A criterium, or “crit” is a super fun pack event based around tactics, strategy, and skill. The pack races for a set amount of time and the first racer to cross the line on the final “bell” lap wins. Drafting is allowed. Crits are typically very high intensity from the start.





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