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Women’s Skill + Social ride schedule is posted below.


Please keep in mind posted course maps are close approximations, changes may be made to enhance the course.





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Women's Skill + Social Rides Schedule

Arctic MTB Women’s Skills + Social rides are free for ABC members and are geared for Rookie, Novice, & Intermediate riders.  Ladies will ride with a leader, who will share one ability appropriate skill (or feature to session) with a group of 10-12 and then will go out for about an hour ride to work on that skill/feature.  These are no-drop rides, meaning no one is left behind, groups wait for everyone to gather at intersections before moving on. Fat bikes are welcome.

Date  Time Location
Monday, 6/12 6:00 PM Kincaid Jodhpur 
Monday, 6/19 6:00 PM Kincaid Stadium
Monday, 6/26 7:00 PM Kincaid Stadium
Monday, 7/10 6:00 PM Hilltop, Drone trailhead
Monday, 7/17 7:00 PM Kincaid Stadium
Monday, 7/24 7:00 PM Hilltop North lot
Monday, 7/31 7:00 PM Kincaid Stadium
Monday, 8/7 7:00 PM Hilltop North lot
Monday, 8/14 7:00 PM Kincaid Stadium
Monday, 8/21 7:00 PM Hilltop North lot
Monday, 8/28 7:00 PM Kincaid Stadium


The mountain bike division organizes a variety of competitive events across Anchorage’s extensive trail system. MTB also offers a range of racer categories to match ability level, experience, and current fitness. From Juniors to Masters, Intermediate to Open, we’ve got everyone covered. Stuck in a single gear? We offer single speed as well. So come race with us! You’re guaranteed to have a blast.


Race registration is currently closed.

Key Information


  • Open This is the most competitive category. Again, there is no age limit in this category, but it is intended for experienced, fit racers who have completed many races.
  • Intermediate A middle-of-the-road racer? Here ya go. There is no age limit in this category, and it’s intended for the racer who has done a few (or many) races, is familiar with race etiquette yet is not comfortable racing in the Open category….yet. That said, we discourage experienced racers who might “sandbag” this category when they should really be racing in the Open category. You know who you are!
  • Novice This is the place for anyone new to the sport of mountain bike racing. There is no age limit and no experience is necessary. It’s a great place to learn how to race. If you’re new to racing, we encourage you to enter this category until you’re comfortable handling your bike in a race situation and you understand the basics of race etiquette. The Novice category is also a good spot for the casual racer, regardless of experience, who doesn’t care about results and would like to help other Novice racers learn about racing
  • Rookie  Never raced before and want to try it out. Rookie is only available in the Women’s Series events.
  • Master 50+ There is no experience necessary to race in this all-levels category. However, to enter the race in this category you must be at least 50 years of age as of January 1 of the racing year.
  • Single Speed  (must have only one gear)
  • Juniors

The Junior categories are for anyone 17 years of age or younger. Use your best judgment to determine which category fits the athlete best. Age ranges are just examples.

Recreational Categories: (Parents are welcome to ride along with racers)

Strider Bike – Generally 2-6 years old on bikes with no pedals, this category completes one shortened lap around the start/finish area.

Pedal Bike – Generally 2-6 years old and will complete one shortened lap around the start/finish area.

Elementary (1 lap) – 1-5th graders looking for a fun opportunity to develop their MTB skills.

Competitive Categories: (Please pick the grade the athlete is going into in the fall)

6th, 7th, 8th grade (1 lap) -A competitive racing category based on the athletes grade level.

Freshmen (1 lap) – 9th graders.

Junior Varsity (1 lap)– 10th, 11th, 12th graders that are newer to the sport and looking to develop their skills and fitness.

Varsity (2 laps) – 10th, 11th, 12th graders that want a more competitive racing experience.

Juniors always race for FREE, regardless of what category they race in.

Online Registration

Online registration ensures our events run smooth and helps reduce the workload on our volunteer organization. Please only use  day of registration as a last resort. Our registration system helps us verify that every racer is a member of the club which is required by our insurance policy. 

On-Site Registration

On site registration will be available for most events but we encourage everyone to sign up in advance online.


An active Arctic Bicycle Club membership is required to participate in races for insurance purposes. Money collected from membership dues goes toward improving the Arctic Bicycle Club as a whole. 


Individual  Membership is for racers 18 and over. We allow up to 4 children to be listed on each adult profile as a form of family membership. Simply go to the account page and scroll down to add child.


Junior Membership is for racers 17 and under. We want to encourage young riders to experience the joy of cycling. That’s why all riders 17 and under with an active junior membership ride for free in any race they sign up for! Each junior must be accompanied by an adult at each event.


As a policy Arctic Bicycle Club does not refund race fees. Planning and developing an athletic event that ensures adequate support and supplies for participants is difficult. We rely on the registration information to provide us with an accurate participant count. Because this is vital to the success of our events, there will be no refunds once a registration has been processed.

Race Bible


Race Formats

XCC – short for Cross Country Short Track, XCC races are true to their name: short and to the point. Most XCC races involve multiple laps of a ~1 mile course and take less than thirty minutes. Because of the short course, race categories start and race separately.


XCO – short for Cross Country Olympic, this is the tried and true, bread and butter mountain bike race: 60-90 minute three-lap races, mostly on single track with some double track transitions.


XCM – short for Cross Country Marathon, this is the longer version of XCO, ranging from 120 minutes to more than 10 hours.  Racers can expect longer transition sections on double track, paths and roads as compared with XCO.


Participants use full suspension, hard tail, fat,  and single speed mountain bikes.  While a top of the line mountain bike is not required, having a well bulit stead is highly recommended. Please  visit your local bike shop for recommendations on the proper equipment for racing.


You will receive a race number plate that is installed on the front of your bike and used for the entire season. Make sure your race number is clearly visible to ensure and accurate time. If you lose your bib number please inform the race director at check in.

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