Kincaid Cross Country Marathon

Kincaid XCM Full Course

Kincaid XCM Start/Finish Lap Detail

Kincaid XCM Southside Flow Detail

Kincaid XCM Lake Area Detail

Kincaid XCM Lekisch 7.5 & Ridge Detail



Racers should always follow the flags to their right. There are multiple areas where the course winds back on itself, so it is imperative that racers heed and follow the flags to their most immediate right. Every effort will be made to clearly mark all intersections, turns off of trails, and transitions. Any single track trails that involve continuous riding (i.e. Bolling Alley) will be more lightly marked – racers should stay on these trails until they see flags directing them to turn off/exit.


The course begins with a neutral roll out around the start/finish lap. This lap will be completed once during the start for all racers, once during the finish for the Donzo 1-Lappers, and twice for the Monty 2-Lappers (once to complete the first lap, and once to finish).


Start/Finish is in the center of Kincaid Stadium. Racers will head up and over the hill to the East biathlon tunnel, continue through the tunnel and along the pavement to the start of Margaux’s Loop, take Margaux’s to Mighty Bike, right on Mighty Bike, follow Mighty Bike in a clockwise direction to exit left on Snowmaking Loop ski trails adjacent to West stadium tunnel. Racers will proceed through the stadium tunnel past the start/finish area, take the Mize connector down to Middle Earth entrance, left onto Middle Earth single track. Racers will then stay on Middle Earth until they reach the meadow area by the coastal trail, exiting Middle Earth left onto the social trail connector up to the lower hairpin on the coastal trail. Racers will take the coastal trail up to the last turn before the top of the hill where they will exit right on the social trail connector leading to Lekisch 7.5 ski trail. They will go up and over the Lekisch 7.5 ski trail climb, descending into the soccer stadium area. They will then take the paved trail around the stadium to the sandy climb by the bleachers (backside Lekisch 2.9) up to the Ridge trail entrance. Enter the Ridge trail left and stay on it until it ends. The Ridge will exit onto Lekisch 2.9, where racers will bear left on the ski trail until they enter right onto C$ Express. Once on C$ Express the sequence will be as follows: C$ Express, Lee’s Train, right on social trail connector to Ice Box, left on Ice Box to Good Greef, right on Good Greef to Ice Box, right on Ice Box to Nordic Connector trail to Bolling Alley entrance, right on Bolling Alley (Odd Day). Racers will then stay on Bolling Alley Counterclockwise for almost the entire trail, exiting right at the Compression Connector to Marguax’s just prior to the Toilet Bowl area. Racers will then bear right on Margaux’s to Jodhpur backside to Tower Power. Enter Tower Power left. Stay on Tower Power until it ends at the Horseshoe Loop ski trail. Left on Horseshoe Loop to Jodhpur, uphill Jodhpur (reverse of ski direction) to the Raspberry Bridge, right over Raspberry bridge, straight on Marguax’s, left on social trail connector, exit left on Margaux and take the ski trail to the Middle Earth entrance by the S-Turns cutoff. Left onto Middle Earth, then right onto Old School. Take Old School down to the Candy Mountain cutoff, then left on social trail connector to Lake Loop ski trail. Left on Lake Loop ski toward Little Campbell Lake, right into Rooty McRooterson entrance, proceed up the full root climb to Lake Loop ski trail. Left on Lake Loop ski trail, abrupt turn left and then right again on ski trail to the wooden bridge over the southern tip of Little Campbell Lake. Cross the bridge and exit left onto the root chute along the eastern edge of the lake. Take root chute all the way exit by Little Campbell Lake parking. Turn right uphill on Lake Loop ski trail, bearing right at the top to social trail entrance on right. Take social trail until it ends, exit left on Lake Loop ski trail. Stay on Lake Loop ski trail bearing right until junction with Middle Earth single track, left on Middle Earth until junction with Lake Loop ski trail, exit left on ski trail. Stay on ski trail bearing right until marked exit onto the gravel lake access road. Exit right and take gravel road to Raspberry Rd. Exit right on Raspberry and proceed uphill to the pullout adjacent to Burky’s Climb on Margaux’s. Exit the road right, then left on Margaux’s to social trail entrance on right. Take the social trail connector to Middle Earth single track, left on Middle Earth. Stay on Middle Earth to Second Breakfast, take Second Breakfast back to Middle Earth, right on Middle Earth, exit Middle Earth left on social trail prior to Mize connector and follow flags back through start/finish loop. Got it? Phew, your done – unless you signed up for two laps…